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The world has no limits, neither do our egos


A selection of fantastic reports of lame essplorers is available here. However, you can access all the reports on the forum.

The lost treasure of Mister Drenan

Taking advantage of a moment of respite between two exploration, Sir Sid Drenan has a vision.
"The green figure is waiting for you in this desert of ice that the dragons invaded a long time ago, and his present, received by your father, was lost ... Find what your father lost in his journeys and earns the trust in your own abilities and your spirit Go, now ... "

Brice la Glisse VS Maelstrom

Hi, I'm Brice!

The surfer friend of Ama, and XtreM fishing lover. I bring you the pictures of my holidays on the Maelstrom hotspot ... Rad! Must say we were a little bored since the Cataclysm. There was this monster wave that fell on Booty Bay, so cool to ride, although I ended hard flat on the bell of the city, but since then nothing.

Until my friend Krogar tells me about an awesome spot that Thrall and some shaman mates were setting up...

The squirrel does not know anything

[After a week of fierce fighting, Enthargas has just beaten his twin brother in their race for exploration bragging rights ... See for yourself]

It started in the Kingdom of Gilneas, where it was rumored to have seen wolfmen. Our mage is going to investigate immediately. Well, in truth, it's only stories, there's nothing out there.

And it is there, suddenly, that Enthar had the idea after which he had been running for all this time. It was simple in itself, but really hard in practice, needed talents confirmed in magic. Well now, for the guy who had turned Tanaris into a desert (it was like Un'Goro before he mess with it, no joke), it was still not too hard.

All roads lead to Orgrimmar

Last night, we were a small group, having a drink in the living room of the manor. Between two glasses of orange juice, Phoebe proposed an improvised collective essploration. Two hours later, we were ready for the adventure.

I was a little intimidated because I had not called my skeletal ice wyrm for a bunch of years, and I was afraid there would be a just bunch of lifeless bones left. Fortunately, she responded to the invocation "It's a Mega-blast!" As usual.

By the time my mount and I were ready, part of the group was already on their way to disturbing horizons, determined to root out the secrets surrounding the Throne of Thunder.